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This website example is still currently in development and all text on the website is still waiting for the final content.

Action Ministry is an organization focused on bringing the local body of Christ together to serve and help those in Dowagiac, MI who are in need. Action has operated a website for a number of years and with the shift toward a culture that now judges things based on how they come across online, Action wanted to redesign their website to align with the goals of the organization in order to attract and engage their target audience.

Action needed a website that functions as a powerful marketing and communications tool to attract new volunteers, and position itself as a thought leader in helping Dowagiac’s needy and provide credibility to attract potential partners.

The Two Second Test

Action header

A person judges whether or not they will explore a website within two seconds. The area which is referred to as “above the fold” (as seen above) has been thoughtfully designed to capture attention and to make the visitor want to explore a little deeper.

Call to Action


In today’s world people want to “get to the point” as soon as possible without having to dig around to find the goal. The first portion of the site used emotional and personal language to cast the vision in a way that engages the visitor and gives them a taste of what the organization acctually does. This second part the visitor comes to is designed to give them three very practical ways in which they can take part in the vision. Most people quickly scroll through a site trying to glean everything as quick as possible, therefore this section is designed with contrasting colors and minimal text to attract the eye. This helps ensure that someone who scrolls quickly still notices this section and takes note of these three ways that they could help this ministry.

Answering Important Questions


So far the visitor has been shown the vision and they know some practical starting steps for helping out this organization. At this point, we felt it was important to answer some possible questions they might have now that they are engaged and informed. These are the questions we believed they would have are:

Where exactly is Dowagiac?

Specifically, how does this organization actually help people in this community?

Is this actually a credible organization or are they just starting out?

This section answers these questions and it gives them an opportunity to dig deeper if they feel like they need more information.

Social Proof


Most people do not like to be the first person to take part in something. A social proof section helps show new potential partners/volunteers that this is an organization worth helping and it helps establish further credibility.

The Numbers


Action is a non-profit organization which means they can only function if they receive donations to help their cause. With this in mind, we felt it was important for Action to display some of their statistics related to how they have already helped their community. The combination of social proof and numbers proving Action is an effective ministry really helps establish enough credibility for people who are interested in donating to their cause.

Ongoing Communication


This is the final section of the homepage. Action organizes many events on a weekly basis and having a calendar allows people to get a clear picture about some of the things happening throughout each week. This section is connected to Action’s Gmail Calendar so Action is able to keep this section current without having to maintain their personal calendar as well as their website calendar. We intentionally built the site so that it can pull any information that is included in the calendar and display the information about the event as well as pull up Google Maps to give people directions to this event if they need it.

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